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KAHS All Years Reunion
Austin, Texas
November 3-5, 2000

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Zilker Park, Summer Camp BBQ 11/5/00

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DJ Johnson '75 and PJ Wilkins '77 Enjoying the Food and Ambience Having Fun Chatting Chris Kyrios '75, Mary Lee '77, Maggie Lee C'Debaca '79 
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Enjoying the Food Enjoying the Food Andy Anderson  '77 with Larry Locha '77, Pictured at Table are DJ Johnson's mother, Cindy Johnson '80 and her husband Todd White '79 and Tony Whalen '79
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Patti Schnitzer, Donna Tannehill, Maria Benning Other Sixties
David Panetta '63, Peter Grammer '65, Hans Beerbaum '68, Claude Cirimele '67, Doug Jones '67
Class of '69 & '71
Don Parker '69, Marty Herrick Rohrs '69, Suzanne Godin Hood '69, Fran Zimmerman Egly '69, Liane Fridriksson '71
Class of '73
Chris Clements
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Class of '74
John Gould, Miguel Diaz, Peter Jirik, Paul Carosiello, Randy Houston

Class of '75
DJ Johnson, Sharon Beadenkopf, Chris Kyrios
Class of '76
Diana Diaz Fajardo, Barbie Lang Daniels, Donna Tannehill Skelton, Nancy Ford Carusone, Cheryl George Carrico, Mary Jo Jirik, Chris Tanner Zuelke, Maria Benning
Class of '77
Ken Hilte, Larry Locha, Patti Schnitzer, PJ Wilkins, Mary Lee, Paula Boggs, Andy Anderson

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Class of '78
Anne Stathem Wilkins, Bonnie George Block, Jerry Kennedy, Sandy Kennedy Sobleskie, Sarah Jirik
Class of '79
Tony Whalen, Maggie Lee C'Debaca, Todd White
Class of '80
Julianna White, Mary Rivera Grohne, Cindy Johnson
All the Classes Together
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All the Classes Together The Better Halves of the KAHS Classes




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