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Alma Mater

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater
Proud of thee, are we.
Nestled in Historic Baden
Among the stately trees.
Known for courage,
Days when Knights were bold,
Always treasured, always cherished
As the years unfold
Are the memories and adventures
That remain untold.
Karlsruhe High, our Alma Mater,
Honor and Uphold.

by April Bennett '59


You should be listed on this site if you can identify with any of the following:

Tennesse Strasse is neither a waltz nor a man named Johann from the mountains Wurst is really the best
Moninger's schmect so gut! You loved Knight Life
Paul Revere Village is not a retirement home Petula Clark doesn't know diddly about downtown
Every Oktober you dust off your Dirndl or lengthen your Lederhosen The Schloss is not a ski resort in Colorado
You can't take a nap on "Ein, Zwei, Soffa" Herr Zink is not a clog in the bathroom


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